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Autumn Paine can help you before charges are filed, at each step in the court process from arraignment through jury trial, or even after there has been a conviction. With Autumn Paine on your side you’ll get smart, superior representation every step of the way.
From the first time you sit down to talk with Autumn Paine through resolution of your case, you’ll have someone who will listen, give you complete and thorough advice, and aggressively advocate for you through the entire process.

In the Trial Court…

It is important to contact the Law Office of Autumn R. Paine as soon as possible, even if charges have not yet been filed.  We’ll discuss the charges, the evidence, the court process and how your case should proceed. We’ll talk with you about potential consequences of the charges, including possible jail or prison, fines and fees, probation, and other consequences including effects on your immigration status if you are not a U.S. citizen.  We’ll discuss bail and your custody status if that is an issue in your case.  Together we will come up with a strategic plan to proceed and work towards getting the results that you want.

…And After a Conviction

If you need help after being convicted of a crime, call the Law Office of Autumn R. Paine right away.  We will discuss what relief you may qualify for, and advise you how to proceed. We may be able to help you appeal your case, deal with a conviction that is causing you immigration problems, expunge or clear your record, and we may be able to help you terminate PC 290 (sex offender) registration.

Smart, Superior Defense

We help all kinds of people with all kinds of cases. We defend charges of homicide, gang crimes, robbery, burglary, theft, carjacking, sex crimes including rape and molestation, and white collar crime. When you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, get Autumn Paine on your side, and get on with your life.

Payment Plans

We understand that most people have not set aside money for attorney’s fees and mounting a legal defense.  This is why we offer a variety of payment plans and accept credit cards.  Call us to learn how we may be able to help you.

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