Case Results

These are real results obtained for real clients. Keep in mind that the results in your case may be different, depending on the evidence, your prior criminal history, and other factors.  

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Residential Burglary

The government charged this young man with breaking into a home, first degree burglary, relying on supposed fingerprint evidence.  Ms. Paine brought in her own expert to challenge the government’s crime scene analysis and win a not-guilty for her client.

Assault with Great Bodily Injury

The government argued that this 19 year old young woman with no prior criminal record had, along with a friend, brutally beaten a homeless man.  While the prosecutor relied on tragic photos of the victim’s injuries, Ms. Paine critically examined the testimony of the prosecutor’s six witnesses, including eye witnesses and police investigators.  The jury returned with a not-guilty verdict.

DUI, BAC .14

The prosecutor alleged that this fifty year old woman with no prior criminal record had driven home drunk from a party.  Ms. Paine thoroughly examined the testimony of the government’s witnesses including the arresting officer and the expert chemical analyst to show the officer had not followed proper protocol in administering the tests, affecting their reliability. The jury returned with a not-guilty verdict.

Domestic Violence

The prosecutor alleged that this young man got into an argument with the mother of his child, hit her and slammed her head into the car door.  Ms. Paine explored key differences in the complaining witness’s statement to the police and her testimony at trial.  She also showed the jury that it was physically impossible for the altercation to happen as the witness testified.  The jury returned with a not-guilty verdict.

Petty Theft, Hit & Run

The prosecutor alleged that this  young woman, along with a friend, took clothing  from a department store without paying, then ran out of the store being chased by LP officers, jumped into a car, and drove off, hitting another car while leaving the parking lot. Ms. Paine pointed out the many flaws in the so-called evidence against her client.  The prosecution even showed a video of the young woman entering a dressing room with several items, coming out without the items, and leaving the store, while store personnel testified the items were not found in the dressing room minutes after the young woman left.  In a Perry Mason-like moment, Ms. Paine showed the jury her copy of the store’s video surveillance, which showed her client leaving the dressing room and placing clothing on a rack – a scene missing from the prosecution’s version!  The jury returned with a not-guilty verdict.


Concealed Weapon & Immigration Problems

This client had been charged and convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in 1988.  Over twenty years later federal immigration authorities decided to deport this man, who had a family and a great job, over this one charge.  Autumn Paine convinced a judge to throw out the conviction, then convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the case, allowing her client to remain in the U.S.

Armed Robbery

The government charged this young woman with aiding and abetting an armed robbery.  The initial offer was 3 years in prison.  After working the case for over a year, including an exhaustive investigation, the case was completely dismissed.

Possession for Sales

The client was charged with possession of marijuana for sales after the police arrested and searched him for being publicly intoxicated. Ms. Paine successfully litigated a motion to suppress for the police’s illegal detention, arrest, and search of her client. The court dismissed all charges.

DUI (drugs & alcohol), BAC .10.

The prosecution alleged this mother of two had been driving home drunk and under the influence of marijuana after an afternoon of winetasting with friends. On the first day of trial Ms. Paine brought a motion to dismiss based on violations of her client’s Constitutional Due Process protections and a failure to provide discovery to the defense.  The court agreed and threw out the charges.

Transportation of a Controlled Substance

Represented by another lawyer, this young man pleaded to a felony charge of transportation of a controlled substance (marijuana), only to later find himself detained and facing deportation proceedings, despite that he was in the U.S. legally, employed, and married with a young son. Ms. Paine successfully brought a petition for writ of habeas corpus setting aside the conviction and the charges were dismissed. Happily, the client is now home with his family.

Possession of a Loaded Firearm

The police alleged that this young man ran away from police carrying a loaded gun and ditched the gun in the back yard of a residence.  Ms. Paine thoroughly examined the problems with the prosecution’s case, pointing out the flaws in the evidence and pointing to her client’s lack of criminal history.  The District Attorney eventually agreed and dismissed the case.

Corporal Injury on a Spouse

While the prosecutor was threatening to seek a heftier sentence if the client pursued his right to a jury trial, Ms. Paine prepared her client for trial, at which time the prosecutor admitted they lacked evidence against the client and the case was dismissed.

Terrorist Threats

While the prosecutor was threatening to amend the complaint to allege a felony if the client did not reach a quick plea bargain, (the client already had one strike), Ms. Paine did her homework and challenged the prosecutor to listen to recordings of the “victim.”  The recordings proved that this so-called victim had called the police out of jealousy and spite, and had lied to the police in an effort to get the client sent back to prison.  All charges were dismissed.

Possession of Narcotics

The prosecutor charged the client with felony possession of narcotics.  The drugs were found in a duffel bag in the trunk of a car driven – but not owned –  by the client.  At the preliminary hearing Ms. Paine examined the officer and then argued that there was no evidence that the client had any knowledge of the bag, or what was in the bag, and there was no evidence showing the client owned the bag or anything inside.  The court agreed and dismissed the case.

Cultivation & Possession for Sale

The client was charged with cultivating more than forty-five marijuana plans in his back yard, and possessing marijuana for sale, claiming it was grown for a collective.  At the preliminary hearing Ms. Paine argued that the defendant was within legal limits and acting lawfully pursuant to the law; all charges were dismissed.


From Rape to Sexual Battery

This man was charged with rape of a 16 year old, and molestation of two other girls, ages 11 and 6.  He had admitted having consensual sex with the 16 year old to the police.  After preliminary hearing, a lengthy investigation and trial preparation, Ms. Paine obtained a resolution in which the client pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of sexual battery (maximum 6 month exposure) for credit time served and three years of court probation.

Robbery & Kidnapping

Client was charged with breaking into his former girlfriend’s home and robbing her, and pistol-whipping her boyfriend and forcing him out of the house at gunpoint.  After a thorough cross examination of the witnesses a preliminary hearing, along with an in-depth investigation and presentation of mitigating evidence, client accepted a plea deal for 16 months with half time on an attempted 211 (attempted robbery).

Sex Registration

This client had been required to register as a sex offender for about eight years as part of an old plea deal.  He came to Autumn Paine seeking relief from the arduous requirements and restrictions imposed by PC 290 registration.  After thorough motion work, Ms. Paine secured a certificate of rehabilitation for her client, ending the requirement that he register as a sex offender.

Child Molestation

This man, a working professional, husband and father, sought the help of Autumn Paine when he was accused of inappropriately grabbing a young girl in public.  The charges, if filed, would have devastated this young man’s career and family.  Ms. Paine immediately got to work garnering evidence to negate the allegations and convince the District Attorney to not file any charges.  After several months her efforts paid off and the prosecutor announced his decision to not proceed with the case.